Cloud ICT, For the school of today

What is PTCloud?

PTCloud is our ultimate educational hosting ICT solution. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of both Microsoft and Google, allowing the vital departments within a school to make the most out of the cloud technology. PTCloud alleviates the requirement for onsite servers and enables users to work from anywhere and at any time.

What’s included with PTCloud?

As standard, PTCloud includes; server hosting, web filtering & reporting, ICT cloud support, training & PPD, print management suite, licencing & security and new devices for administration staff, educators and learners every 3 years.

PTCloud includes new devices?

Yes, as standard all users receive brand new devices, whilst saving schools up to 20% compared to current spend.

How does PTCloud use the most up to date technology, provide 3-year device refresh AND save schools money?

As an example, the average Primary School in the UK has 280 pupils. The average Primary School also has 50 devices available for both staff and pupils, so an average ratio of 5 pupils per 1 end-user device. For an average Primary School to maintain their basic ICT requirements including, ICT support, internet connectivity & web filtering, licencing, backup, anti-virus, from of class interactive technology, consumable spend and a device refresh programme, this, for the average school, would require a spend of circa £70,000 over a 5 year period for the school, or £14,000 per annum. In our experience £14,000 is usually the maximum budget the averaged size school would have for ICT. For schools to break away from this 5-year cycle in the traditional way, they would need to increase their annual budget allocated to ICT by 60%, impossible for most. 

No matter the size of the school, the PTCloud hosting platform alleviates this budget led challenge by utilising modern cloud technologies to reduce spend overall, this reduced spend allows schools to either use modern technologies with saving money or use modern technologies whilst increasing the amount of technology available to educators and learners.

Want to know more?

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