What is PTCloud?

PTCloud is the ultimate all in one hosting ICT solution designed specifically for Education. Out of the box cloud services such as Google’s G-Suite and Microsft Office 365, can cause challenges when not deployed correctly. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of both Microsoft’s 365 and Google’s GSuite, allowing the vital departments within a school to make the most out of the cloud technology whilst being bespoke to the individual user’s requirements. PTCloud alleviates the requirement for onsite servers and enables users to work from anywhere and at any time.

What’s included with PTCloud?

As standard, PTCloud includes; 24/7/365 server hosting, web filtering & reporting, ICT cloud support, training & PPD, print management suite, licencing & security PLUS new devices for administration staff, educators and learners every 3 years – The complete ICT solution for your school.

PTCloud includes new devices for everyone?

Yes, as standard all users receive brand new devices every 3 years, all whilst saving schools up to 20% compared to current spend.

“Moving to PTCloud, one of the best decisions our senior leadership team has ever made”

– Anthony Wells, Executive Deputy Head, St Hybalds Multi Academy Trust

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How does PTCloud benefit schools?

In line with the DfE’s “moving your school to the cloud” publication (2019), there are a considerable number of benefits of embracing cloud technologies. The benefits will differ depending on your schools and personal requirements, the common benefits are:

Cost Savings

No matter the size of the school, PTCloud alleviates the budget challenges faced by most schools today. PTCloud reduces overall spend by using cloud technology, the most obvious saving of which is the removal of physical hardware such as servers and traditional desktop computers. PTCloud also consolidates your schools existing spend by modernisation your current ICT strategy inline the with the Edtech Cloud Computing guidelines.


Collaboration in education is now more important than ever. Done correctly, collaboration can create the best results by utilising the key skills from the right people, whilst saving time and effort across the board. For too long, schools have struggled with multiple file versions, not been able to work on the same documents effectively and ineffective file storage. Now the collaborative elements of cloud computing put an end to the difficulties.

Empower educators and learners

There’s no getting away from the cloud, and the students of today will be using cloud computing in some capacity whatever they decide to do next, from college to retail work, medicine to office jobs, labour work or university. Whether you’re a nursery, primary or secondary school, college or university, your students will need to be confident using cloud tools in the same way previous generations needed to be able to use pen and paper. We live in a time where digital natives can learn from anywhere, and where flipped learning happens more and more. The ability for children to complete tasks like homework, as if they were in school will help them learn at every opportunity

Anytime, anywhere access

Flexible working certainly has a place in education, just like all workplaces. Staff want the option to be able to work on documents, lesson plans and resources from anywhere, at any time, from any device! Cloud computing allows this to happen seamlessly. A cloud network is also easier to manage, from anywhere at any time, meaning you are back up and working from any hiccups within moments. Any member of the school community, including children, should this be in line with your policies, can access their work from any device, securely, safely, and confidently.


Due to the regular updates on cloud platforms, the device and infrastructure security is always being worked on and can be updated at times convenient to you to avoid downtime in class. This means that as soon as any potential security flaw is identified, the platform provider can fix and patch it before this flaw is exploited. Working alongside cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft, rest assured your data is secure in line with GDPR requirements.

“Working collaboratively is magical, we can share documents and work on them together, in real-time! Staff are able to work from anywhere, on any device, and complete tasks as if they are in school. ”

– Terri Coates, Headteacher, Preston Primary School

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